David Graham, new 8c .. V15

by Dougald MacDonald Dave Graham has completed a longstanding project at Fontainebleau, France, and graded it 8C (V15). The Island climbs directly out a sandstone roof/prow in the Coquibus Rumont area, between the existing problemsSérénité(V8) andConviction(V11). Graham sent the problem after three days of work, and he described it at 8a.nu as having ?huge moves in between slopers, and always at my full extension, so very intense climbing.?In late March, Graham also repeated Khéops Assis, the sit start to the famous V13 problem Khéops at Cuvier Rempart in Fontainebleau. Khéops Assis is usually rated V15, but Graham felt it must be easier, since, after trying the first move one day in wet conditions, he sent the problem the next day with only four tries. Read the report by Dougald MacDonald at Climbing.com. ( Source: Climbing magazine )