Dem Polen Lukasz Dudek gelingt Underground (8c+/9a)

It has been the second 9a route led by Lukasz this year. In February, he did a route called Martin Krpan 9a on Misja Pec, in Osp.

Fotostrecke: Dem Polen Lukasz Dudek gelingt Underground (8c+/9a)

Fotos: © Mariusz “Butcher” Majer

It's worth rememebering that it was a historic event for Polish climbing, because it was the first 9a done by a Pole abroad.  

Underground was first led by an Italian, Manfred Stuffer, in 1998. The route leads through a massive roof in sector Pueblo in Massone (Arco). The 20 meters of powerful climbing includes three boulderish passages (8A, 7B+, 8A) separated by relatively good rests. Initially, the route was graded by the author as 8c+. Later, some delicate shifts of the grade were proposed.

A Japanese climber, Yuji Hirayama, after his own success, suggested upgrading the route to 8c+/9a. Later repetitions of the route by Tomasa Mrazka and Christian Bindhammer resulted in opinions that the route deserves the 9a grade. Video: Tomas Mrazek in Underground

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QuelleDorota Dubicka, Fotos: Mariusz "Butcher" Majer