Desgranges climbs Katcha and Chute fatale

Romain Desgranges had a nice afternoon session at Fionay, Switzerland, the other day, making quick work of two problems signed Dave Graham, Katcha, 8B, and Chute fatale, 8A+, before moving on to something more serious,a “very hard project”. On the competition scene, Romain is known as a lead climber, with plenty of finals under his belt, but on rock, he seems to concentrate mostly on bouldering. He has repeated and opened plenty of problems in the 8th degree, crowning it the other year with his own Kaiser Sauzé in the Walid wood near Chamonix, for which he suggested 8C/+. Unfortunately, it was destroyed by some unknown villain shortly after the FA.

Romain DesgrangesBjörn Pohl – UKC, 02 Aug 2010© Romain Desgranges

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