Durif and Ramonet win at Chamonix

Charlotte Durif and Ramon Julian Puigblanque won the first leg of this year's lead WC at Chamonix. For Charlotte it was a first, while Ramonet… let's just say he's had some success before.I wouldn't say Charlotte's victory was a surprise though, as she's won virtually everything there is to win as a junior. What was surprising however, was 16 year old Hélène Janicot's 2nd place in this, her 2nd WC competition. That's a name to watch out for!So, a french double among the women, with Slovenian Maja Vidmar in 3rd spot. And tomorrow it's 14 July! These three were the only one's who topped out the final route, with a further three coming annoyingly close, with their fingers sliding off the finishing hold.Among the men, Patxi Usobiaga got the confirmation he was hoping for by finishing 2nd, making it a Spanish double. The men's final wasn't as close though, Ramonet being the only one to get to the top for a perfect score of Top, Top, Top, Top. 3rd place went to Jorg Verhoeven, who managed to re-charge and re-climb the route after a hold spun on his first attempt (at least I think that's what happened. The streaming wasn't that great this time for some reason, but I suppose it could be my computer…)Adam Ondra?Not a good night for the young Czech who finished last in the final after, what looked like, a foot slip…or perhaps a hand slip?

Ramon Julian Puigblanque on iceBjörn Pohl – UKC, Jul 2010© Ramon Julian Puigblanque

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