DWS Festival Cancelled

by UKC News From Mike Weeks, organiser of the DWS festival that was to be held September 6th and 7th at Conner Cove and Winspit Quarry.”I´m afraid we have had to cancel this year´s DWS festival.We´ve literally jumped through more red tape and permit procedures than we ever thought possible and just when everything was looking great, our main sponsor pulled out on us last week without any reason or real explanation. We actually make very little money on the DWS fest, so having this happen at the last minute is a major blow.The sponsorship agreement was promised back in December and we got told last week, with three weeks to go. We´ve scrabbled to find another sponsor but it´s just too late in the day. My apologies to absolutely everyone who was getting ready for the weekend. Maybe a smaller, unofficial meet can still happen, but we as a company are unable to get involved.”