E8 Flashed by Ryan Pasquil

Adam Lincoln Reports: “Turning up at ilkley on Saturday the sun was shinning hot, and any hopes of doing some hard grit faded away. We had intentions on having a go at John Dunne´s Countdown to disaster, E8 6b in the rocky valley. Well, as we where there we thought we may as well have a look. 5 minutes later we were stood at the top trying to get a glimpse of some holds. Clambering around the top trying to spy out the sequence. I abbed it and chalked up the holds and had a look for any possible gear. Both where not in abundance! A couple of top ropes later and the route had seen an unexpected ascent. On this warm day with the occasional drizzle, 2nd week in June, we had the hard grit we came for in the bag! Well, apart from Ryan who wanted to do it in better style. Having watched myself and Pete top roping it he duly ask us for any beta, goes over to the starting ledge, ties on and sets off. About 2 minutes later he´s standing on the top with a big grin on his face. It looked like he just soloed an E3, the way he calmly worked his way up the route. Stopping briefly on the crux to feel the holds, before pulling through and to the top. Was this the first proper E8 to ever be flashed?Well, that´s debateable, but what is for sure this is just for starters as far as Ryan is concerned. He´s 18 years old and has already onsighted numerous E7s and a shed loads of E6s all over the country”. Watch this pace!