East Yorkshire Climbing & Mountaineering Club Photos

by Mick Ryan Ilkley 1956 We´ve had several emails and threads at UKClimbing.com concerning the old photographs uploaded at the E.Y.C.M.C photo gallery. E.Y.C.M.C is the East Yorkshire Climbing & Mountaineering Club, founded in 1955, and the photos were uploaded by Roger Hodds, the current secretary of the club. We contacted Roger and he told us: “The photo´s are scanned from the club scrap book, started at the foundation of the club on the 2nd May 1955. There are more photo´s and newspaper articles in the scrap book of similar vintage. I have had contact with a couple of surviving members from this era in the past couple of years. John Redhead and Chris Shorter are from our area and climbed with the club in the past. Club members put up new routes in Yorkshire and helped develop Filey Brigg. Most of our 40 members live close to Hull and Beverly in EastYorkshire. We have no official base, we have monthly meets in Scotland, Wales and the Lakes, and weekend ad hoc trips to Yorkshire and the Derbyshire crags. The posting has encouraged some older members to look in their attics, so watch this space.” You can view the East Yorkshire Climbing & Mountaineering Club Photos here, including some of the original documentation at the foundation of the club and early members climbing in Wales, Yorkshire and the Alps. YOUR UKCLIMBING.COM PHOTO GALLERY If you would like to share photos of your club or climbing photos from your past (as well as the present) feel free to start your own photo gallery at UKClimbing.com. All you have to do is register at UKClimbing.com and you can upload and share as many photographs as you like. You can opt not to have people vote on your photos and add comments, it´s up to you. Currently there are over 46,000 photographs in the UKClimbing.com photo gallery. You can view them, including the top 200 photos, gallery of the week, and the top gallerieshere.