Ecomotion (Portugal) Report

Anna McCormack, team eVENT ENDURE has sent in this report from the Ecomotion race in Portugal: “We set off in native sailing boats – our team chose a heavy boat with big sails. This would have been fine in a wind as it would have travelled fast, but paddling it was more difficult. However we did all right.”Then followed a trekking stage. The going was tough and the ground sandy but we crawled up to third place only to get lost for an hour. This was not a huge issue as others, too, were getting lost for hours.”After, we hit some mangrove swamps and found ourselves waist-deep with our rucksacks raised above our heads. It was so surreal. Then Iiro twisted his ankle and his knee pretty badly and we fell to about 16th place. “Next came a kayaking section. Normally, we would go straight on to this but had to wait for the doctor to examine Iiro?s ankle and knee. “As the next transition was trekking the team had to quit because of Iiro?s injury. Pasi, Ski and Anna went on the trek. Then Iiro and Ski went on the bike ride and passed 17 teams! What might have been!”