Eddie Barbour, Oxford University MC, Simba´s Pride E8 6b

by Mick Ryan Eddie Barbour, On Sunday Eddie Barbour, librarian of Oxford University Mountaineering Club, soloed (after top rope practice) Simba´s Pride E8 6bat Burbage South. This is possibly the third ascent after first ascensionist Toby Benham and Ben Cosey´s recent solo (seen in the new Hot Aches film, Committed). Sequence photosHERE Mark Tomlinson reports, “Eddie toproped the line two weeks ago in the wet a couple of times (he wanted to do it in a session) but conditions weren´t good and it´s pretty bold so didn´t lead it. We went back Sunday and he toproped it a couple of times and then soloed it. He made it look very easy and didn´t have to dyno at the top, just a bit of a slap. This is all the more impressive as he had eaten four bars of Morrisson´s value chocolate that morning!” Eddie Barbour is a climber from Belfast studying physics at Oxford University, where he is club librarian. He is no stranger to hard ascents including: The Rockafella (E7 6c), a first ascent at Fairhead in N. Ireland; Loskott and Two Smoking Barrels 8a+ (DWS), Diablo in Mallorca; End of the Affair (E8 6c) in a session on a day trip from Oxford, plus onsights of many E6s. This summer Eddie was filmed by Ethan Pringle´s film crew (USA) climbing In the night every cat is black 8a, a DWS at Diablo in a pink dress!