Edge Bouldering League Results

Press release from Percy at the Edge: The PowerBar Bouldering League 2001 ? 2002 The final round of thePowerbar Bouldering League was held at The Edge climbing wall in Sheffield on the Friday 15th February, thus completing one of the UK?s most popular and well attended competition series. As bouldering gathers popularity, so the attendances at local bouldering leagues also improves, but The Edge?s innovative style of competition has ensured these events are always very busy. Round 1 took place mid-November 2001, and saw the emergence of a lot of new talent, as well as some fine performances by league regulars. The Men?s event was won by an on-form Justin Plumtree, out to regain his crown after being defeated by Simon Triger in lasts years league. He was closely followed by this years main contenders for the League title, these being Ben Heason and Lee McGill, with Simon Triger out of action through injury. The Women?s competition was a close run thing between Siobhan Coughlan, who climbed very well, only to be piped at the post by Jo Gordon who cruised round the problems to achieve a score that would have been very respectable in the Men?s competition! Round 2 was held about a week before Christmas, and saw a big turn out of competitors, including Steve McClure who just wandered around the circuit of problems, and came just short of a clean sheet due to a Rob Gawthorpe creation proving more than a match for strong fingers! Second place was shared between ?Crimping? Andy Harris and Ben Heason, with Justin Plumtree down in forth place, after an uncharacteristically poor showing. The Women?s competition was hotly contested between Katherine Schirrmacher and Lucy Atkinson in the absence of Jo Gordon, with Katherine eventually beating Lucy by 10 points (their experiences at the World Cup Bouldering competition in Birmingham the previous week obviously had them fired up for competition)!The third round was hastily re-scheduled for late January, and saw a rather jet-lagged route-setter desperately trying to stay awake whilst he set the problems! Typically, a very strong field turned up for this round, and for a while it looked like a nightmare scenario with 4 climbers tied on 197 points! However, this was until Miles Gibson turned in a ?clean sheet?, and on-sighted every problem, much to Percy?s horror! Joint second place was shared between Justin Plumtree, Ben Heason, Roy Mosley and Nic Sellars. The Women?s competition continued to hot up with Katherine Schirrmaker and Jo Gordon both taking part in this round. Victory eventually went to Jo, beating Katherine by just 3 points. The route-setter left the building under a bit of a cloud, vowing that the horror of a ?clean? score sheet would never happen again??.! The final round could have been a real nail-biter, but for 2 factors. Firstly, Ben Heason, Justin Plumtree?s nearest rival for the League title had just left the country for Australia, thus leaving Justin in a very comfortable position as regards reclaiming his title. Secondly, the promise of a fine weekend on the Grit lured Katherine Schirrmaker away from the competition scene, leaving Jo Gordon with an easy time to secure success in the Women?s league! Once again, Lucy Atkinson put in a very creditable performance in this round to taking second place, and second place in the league overall.The Men?s competition was a close run thing once again, this time with Roy Mosley proving the form he has shown all season with first place in this round, again closely followed by Justin in second place. So there we go. The bouldering competition season at The Edge draws to a close for another year ? until the possible return of the Lost Arrow Bouldering Masters Team event at the end of the year! Once again, many thanks should go to the team of folks who helped Percy Bishton set the problems, including Rob Gawthorpe, Ron Fawcett and Andy Bowman. Thanks also to PowerBar for their support throughout the series. Percy Bishton

Men 1 Justin Plumtree 5672 Roy Mosley 5623 Ben Heason 5594 Andy Harris 5245 Adrian Berry 5176 David Musgrove 5147 Lee McGill 4958 Alan Cassidy 4859 Tim Hulley 48210 Juan Varela 48011 Alistair Campbell 47912 Chris Doyle 46212 Simon Wilson 46214 Norman Gilman 45215 Matt Heason 45116 Ian Tatton 45017 Ben Carpenter 44318 Andy Jennings 43719 Andi Turner 43520 Robin Wood 42121 John Roberts 42022 Neil Northrop 41523 Jamie Veitch 40924 Paul Gaskill 38025 Chris Hudgins 36526 Andy Clifford 36026 Paul Palfreyman 36028 Garan Comely 33829 Jamie Hughes 33430 Alain Gordon-Seymour 32731 David Mason 30731 Mark Forrester 30733 Chris Browell 30534 Steve Wooley 26635 Nicholas Baxter 26536 Andrew Asquith 25236 Edward Payne 25238 Jamie Goodwin 24039 Graeme Webb 20440 Tom Simpson 131 Women 1 Jo Gordon 4212 Lucy Atkinson 3603 Gilli Helbig 3434 Anna Sherratt 2275 Catherine Moore 195