El Cap Summit Tidied

Here is an extract from a thread on http://www.supertopo.com  about a recent cleanup operation on El Cap in Yosemite: Oct 10 2004 For the first time in years, the summit of El Cap is CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!Yesterday eighteen people met on top to give the Captain a much needed scouring. All told we collected about ten full haul bags worth of trash, including that nasty pile that?s been sitting near Lurking Fear for? a decade?It was hard work, that?s for sure, and my hat?s off to all those who helped out. I was able to thank volunteers with gear from Petzl, Patagonia, Supertopo :), and others, but everyone deserved far more.I?m planning to spread the word about what we pulled off, get some credit to the climbing community for stepping up to the plate and leading by example. Now, out of respect for El Cap and the people who worked hard yesterday, let?s keep it clean.Thanks again to ?Team El Cap,? we earned our dinner, that?s for sure. Damn good work.