Eric Lopez of Spain, Two Fr 9a´s in a day!

by Mick Ryan Rodellar It can take some top climbers months to do cutting edge sport routes, think Chris Sharma on Realisation or Es Pontas, or Steve McClure on Northern Lights or his latest 9a+, Overshadow at Malham Cove. Then up pops 16 year old Eric Lopez from Toledo, Spain who has just knocked off two 9a sport routes in a day at Rodellar, in Spain´s Sierra de Guara. Details as to how long he worked them are as yet not forthcoming. From the source of all things sport climbing,, here are Eric´s latest ascents: 07/07/11:Los Borrachos del Mascun, Rodellar, 9a07/07/11:Ali Hulk, Rodellar, 9a The scorecard judges say that, “It will be interesting to see what he says about the grade as this could be considered as a new world record.and they continue, “Last year Erik won the Youth World Champion and this year the 16-year-old was 12th in the last World Cup.” ( Source: )