Everest controversy continues

by Tom Briggs Terrain above Camp 3 with Everest summit in view to the right Following the worst season in history for deaths on Mount Everest, Russell Brice, owner of one of the biggest commercial expedition organisers operating on the North side of the mountain, has issued a press release with his take on events. Specifically, Brice addresses claims that his outfit and members of his climbing team did not offer assistance to British climber, David Sharp, who died at 8,400m on 15 May. The story of 40 climbers allegedly passing Sharp on the way to the summit, including Mark Inglis, the New Zealand double amputee, made international headlines. Ambushed by the press, Ed Hillary was quick to criticise those who passed Sharp, whilst Stephen Venables and Alan Hinkes gave a more balanced view and cautioned that the circumstances of Sharp´s death were unlikely to be so black and white. In his press release Brice states that he was unaware of Sharp´s situation until his team were descending, at which point they were on their last reserves of oxygen, and were focussed on helping some of their slower members down, who were suffering from frostbite. Read Brice´s Statement.