Everest Pioneer Dies

Babu Chhiri, the Sherpa guide who made the quickest ascent of Everest (from Base Camp to Summit in 17 hours), and last year stayed (in a tent) on the summit for 21 hours without oxygen, has died from a fall into a crevasse of the world´s highest peak.The 35-year-old Sherpa was guiding a team of mountaineers when he slipped and fell 100 feet into a crevasse at Camp Two, situated at 20,400 feet. Babu Sherpa, a friend and business partner, said that Chhiri left camp alone to take photographs and his absence was not noticed until dinnertime three hours later. Teammates searched the snowy slopes, following his foot prints. His body was found only around midnight.In 1989, he successfully led a Russian team up Mount Kanchenjunga, the world´s third-highest peak. A year later, he climbed Everest and had since reached the summit 10 times. In 1995, he became the only man to reach the peak twice in 14 days. In an interview with The Associated Press last July, Chhiri said that with the money he was collecting through his record climbs, he hoped to build a school in his village of Taksindo. “I never got the chance to go to school,” he said. “I want all my girls, all the children, to get the education that I never had.”