Everest TV show for real?

OUTDOORSmagic Nov 14 2002 4:49PM ET It makes Big Brother and Pop Idol seem rather tame.The latest ´Reality TV´ show to hit the USA is called Global Extremes Mt. Everest.50 contestants are competing for the chance to win a place on a guided ascent of the world´s highest mountain and a cash prize of US$50,000.Over the next few weeks, the 50 lucky contestants will climb, ski and raft against each other to reduce the number to 12 who will then go on to Borneo, Iceland and the Kalahari desert for more training.Finally, 5 contestants will have a shot at Everest and all of them will win the cash prize as once they reach base camp, they are expected to work as a team rather than compete against each other.And then, yes, you guessed it, live from Everest in the Golden Jubilee year, those of us with cable can cheer them on to the summit.Great stuff. ( Source: OutdoorsMagic.com )