Exclusive – Gravity Magazine Launch!

planetFear are excited to reveal the launch of a new climbing magazine. Gravity Magazine is the brain child of Brian Darby and has one significant difference to the other mags on the market – it is to be free! We asked Brian why he felt the need to add another magazine to the market when we already have Summit, Climber, Friction and Climb. His response was encouraging. He wants to create a magazine that is predominantly written by everyday climbers with a talent for good prose, with photographs taken by everyday photographers with an eye for a decent shot. It´s really an opportunity for the ante-celebrity to shine. That said there will be monthly columns by the likes of Dave MacLeod and Ben Heason to give some consistency. Brian´s synopsis:We aim to be the first climbing publication which will allow mass reader participation through submission via our website. Our goal is to encourage the ?everyday? climber to feel comfortable to submit a review or photo expressing their achievements at all levels, and having those achievements recognised nationally in our magazine. So here´s the deal:Completely freeAvailable either delivered to your doorstep or from most Climbing centres and retailers.Although we have decided to make this a free magazine, it will naturally be of comparable quality to that of other already established publications and sit comfortably beside them.88 glossy pages of exciting reader based articles, but also including articles by top level British climbers such as Ben Heason and Dave MacLeod.Gravity magazine will focus on submitted articles, photographs, stories and reviews from the climbing public paying premium rates for any materials used in the published magazine.This is the first opportunity for many talented and passionate climbers to appear in the national climbing press.Lots of competitions with many fabulous prizes to be won, such as a holiday to Costa Blanca in the first issue alone (this will include Flights, Car Hire, Hotel and Meals)Every month a European destination will be covered in detail including how to get there, where to stay, what to do on rest days, where the best crags are and a list of recommended routes of varying grades from F5 upwards.Articles and reports on all British and European climbing.Training section by Dave MacLeod on how to get fitter and stronger without the need for specialized training or reducing your climbing enjoyment.Event listing compiled by Heason EventsNews updates from planetFear. The first issue will be available in early September. Excitingly there is no front cover for it yet. Submissions will be invited via the competition section of the website, the best image received by August 27th gracing the front cover of a new mag. Now there´s a scoop!  Check out the Web site at http://www.gravitymagazine.co.uk/ for more details – live at 8pm tonight. ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – matt@planetfear.com / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–