Explorersweb Scooping Up The Dirt on K2

by UKC News Wife beating on Everest,porn in mess tents, robbery, demands for money and exaggerated claims from a Swedish alpinist. The weird world of Explorersweb reporting. Explorersweb, a vast website and online store that covers climbing on K2 and Everest as well as polar, ocean and space exploration continues its reporting not just on ascents, success and tragedy, but tabloid-like personal stories, perhaps giving its opinion and insight into the strange world of high altitude climbing and particularly guiding. Their latest headline story: K2 wrap-up: Americans in ghost BC still hoping to launch a summit push. describes Gheorghe (a.k.a “George”) Dijmarescu. “Gheorghe´s name is familiar to readers of the book “High crime” where his Everest commercial outfit is among the featured.”ExWeb readers might recall the story of violent threats, clients fearing for their lives, oxygen stashes getting robbed, Sherpas demanding money in high camps, porn in mess tents, and a 15 years old Everest summiteer Sherpani slapped by her expedition leader on descent in Camp 2 while a whole bunch of climbers looked the other way. ” They continue, ” a detailed report about Dijmarescu beating up his 4 time Everest summiteer and Sherpa wife in Base Camp.”Full story: K2 wrap-up: Americans in ghost BC still hoping to launch a summit push. Last week they debunked the claims of Swedish climber Fredrik Strang who was on K2 when eleven climbers died. Explorersweb reports, “with heroic tales of himself saving at least ten people single handed, carrying bodies, dead and alive on his back – apparently in record time since a descent from 8000 meters to BC normally requires a day in itself – and that is if you run.” And then Explorersweb make claims that Fredrik Strang´s climbing record is partially fabricated. The full low down can be read here: K2 report: Missing summit pics and no world records – turning the tables on Fredrik Strang Very odd indeed!