F8a Deep Water Solo Repeat for Gav Symonds

Long Quarry Point pages from Rockfax Deep Water guide© Rockfax

Gav Symonds climbing Christine, for the second deep water solo ascent. Lisa FarrisDeep Water Solo Activist Gav Symonds has made what is thought to be the second deep water solo ascent of Christine, at Long Quarry Point, Anstey's Cove, Devon.Christine is a classic F8a, first climbed by Ken Palmer back in 2002 and first soloed in 2003.Gav tells of his recent ascent:”I first tried it last year at the end of the day but came off at the end of the first crux. I returned this week and after a few falls I went down on a rope to chalk the hold. I then went back on the route working it out a move at a time, falling each time a move higher – going on to finally do the route on my ninth go.”More Info:You can find more information on Long Quarry Point in the UKC DatabaseAnd in the Deep Water Guide:Deep Water (Jun 2007)  Winner of the 2007 Mountain Exposition Award at the Banff Mountain Book Festival A beautifully illustrated guidebook covering all the major…Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf UKClimbing.com anschauen