Fear Factor – Are You Up For It?

We´ve been approached by a Sky One TV show called Fear Factor who are recruiting people to take part in an “ACTION PACKED TV SHOW PITTING 2 TEAMS AGAINST EACH OTHER IN A SERIES OF DARING STUNTS” They are a little cagey about the actual stunts, but are happy to tell us that the show will take place during April or May in Argentina (you will be flown out at their expense) and there will be a cash prize of £20,000 to split between your team of three. Each team must be of mixed sex – so either two girls and a boy or two boys and a girl, and aged between 18 and 35. So, if you are interested in getting hold of an application form email fearfactor@endemoluk.com or phone 0208 222 4187 The closing date for applications is Feb 16th. Note that the show is being masterminded by Endemol, the makers of Big Brother.