´Fed up´ hikers call for mountain rescue

by Mick Ryan Climbers and hillwalkers donating to Mountain Rescue The UK´s volunteer Mountain Rescue teams are frequently called out by hill walkers for petty reasons and it is streching them to the limit of their resources and time. Laura Clout at www.telegraph.co.uk reports: “One couple called the emergency number and demanded a helicopter because they were late for a dinner party, while another walker said they were just “tired and fed up”. Other spurious requests for assistance included a walker who complained they were “lost” in tall bracken, and another who had got their push-chair stuck.” At the BBC website, news.bbc.co.uk it states that “It is thought a steady rise in call-outs has been fuelled by increasing numbers of people hiking.” Often people get in trouble because they are not prepared, with no map or map reading skills, wearing street clothing and shoes, with no food, relying on their mobile phones if they get in trouble. Only last week it was reported at UKClimbing.com by some winter climbers that some walkers were up on Helvellyn wearing leather brogues. There are 57 individual mountain rescue teams in England and Wales, comprising over 3,500 volunteers. You can learn more about mountain rescue in the UK and donate at www.mountain.rescue.org.uk ( Source: BBC News )