First 8b+ (8b) by Andrea Cartas

It seems like Andrea Cartas is going up level by level and after sending some 8b´s last year, she has just fired-off Botanics in Rodellar. 8b for some people, 8b+ for the others and 8a+ for a ´quite strong guy´…Concerning this topic Andrea comments: “no idea mate, it´s harder than Chacals for sure, which is the only 8b I have ticked in Rodellar; but as I haven´t tried any other of such grade there… it maybe it´s easy for 8b+, but just inhuman if 8b…” Who seems to have it clearer is her boyfriend, Carlos Padilla, who right after putting his feet on the dirt after the good go, states: “¡8b+ for sure!” Pic: Andrea climbing Botanics. (c)Israel Maciá