First Mobile Call From Everest Summit

by Mick Ryan Everest Summit A few weeks ago was in touch with Kevin Thaw at Everest Base Camp by mobile phone, made possible by China Telecom, which has set up a mobile phone tower at base camp on the north side of the mountain. This morning, British climber Rod Baber, sponsored by Motorola and using a MOTORIZR Z8, was the first person to make a phone call and text message from the summit of Everest. He said on his blog, “This is the call I made using my MOTO Z8 from 29,035 feet / 8848 meters on the highest peak of Everest at 5.37am local time this morning. Everyone is in good spirits and it´s absolutely amazing up here being surrounded by the Himalayas. You can hear his phone call at his blog:Rod Baber moblog