Flashes in the Park

Yesterday, the Hallett boulder, ~3300m above sea level, in the RMNP, saw some action. Alex Puccio flashed Fireball, 7C+, making it look easy, according to Jamie Emerson. Very few women have flashed this grade. Chris Webb-Parsons, who was there too, now felt he needed to “woman up” and promptly flashed Stranger in a strange land, 8A+. Chris says he was just lucky, but if you consider he just bounced back from a flu and that he has, in his own words “spent almost 2 months sitting on a couch sick and injured” since I came to Boulder and that he's lost a lot of strength, it's rather obvious the man's not weak.Source: B3, where you can find more photosNow that most of the snow has melted(?), RMNP is now in full effect. A “new” area, Lincoln lake, is being developed and the psyche is high. So far, the hardest problem is Daniel Woods' The great war for civilisation, 8B, but there's surely more to come. The story behind how the problem got its name is pretty funny. The great war… is also a book by Robert Fisk, which I can highly recommend (All 1300 pages of it). Dave Graham, who found the project, borrowed it from me while he was here, and now it's made it's way to Boulder. Great stuff and some Gonzo journalism right there 😉

Alex Puccio flashing Fireball, 7C+, at the Hallett boulder, RMNPBjörn Pohl – UKC, Jun 2010© Jamie Emerson

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