Font Coaching Week Photo Report

Something that has always been challenging on Sun Rock Workshops is coaching good technique on routes, where what is needed is a huge range of technical moves, close to the ground, with safe landings and a super-psyched attitude. Enter the Fontainebleau Technique Week. Helen Elmore at 95.2Visiting a different area each day, the eleven strong team put a week aside to work on the most important aspect of rock climbing, technique. The coaching team of Neil Gresham and Adrian Berry was boosted by the last minute addition of Ian Fitzpatrick – fierce boulderer and Fontainebleau expert, Ian was our guide to the forest and even brought his video camera for some post-match analysis.

Luke Roberts Neil Gresham

Jamie on the sloping top out at Elephant. Most of the group had not been to Fontainebleau before, and so the first priority was to make sure the usual font burnout didn´t happen (what usually seems to happen is everyone goes nuts for the first day, climbing themselves into the ground until they have neither muscle nor skin – this wouldn´t have been a good start to the week!). So taking it gradually with late starts to avoid the midday heat, and a mid-week rest day, we were able to climb hard right up until the last day of the week – when, as is the custom, many of the most inspiring performances occurred.With six days of perfect blue sky weather, the take it softly approach was certainly the wise option! Laura, Ben, and Neil Highlights and Credits Jamie Matlock ticking that traverse after an hour (or so) of hard work. Harvey Tudor being constantly fierce and being particular awesome on the last day at the Elephant. Luke Roberts for finally getting the desperate sloper top-out at the Elephant after everybody had moved on, not to mention that amazing meal at the Gite … Ben Lyons for being the first to take the highball slab fall at Elephant (and Harvey for softening the landing). Laura for taking everything on board and improving in every way. Helen Elmore for showing such inspiring determination. Also a big thanks to Ian and Sally for being so indispensably helpful all week. Left: The team (from L to R): Laura, Helen, Harvey, Robert, Jamie, Neil, Ben, Luke, and Ian on top of our huge pile of bouldering pads.