Fredrik Ericsson Reported Dead on K2

Fredrik EricssonUKC News© Fredrik EricssonReports have been published that Swedish high altitude skier Fredrik Ericsson has been killed on K2.Ericsson had been attempting to ski from the summit of the World's three highest mountains. Ericsson was one of the world's leading high altitude skiers with ski descents on some of the highest mountains on earth, including; Peak Somoni, Shisha Pangma, Gasherbrum 2, Laila Peak and Dhaulagiri.In a UKC news report on his attempts on Kangchenjunga published in 2008, leading Everest climber Kenton Cool spoke highly of the Swede's expeditions:”I know Fredrik quite well and he is a sound lad.  I think what he is doing is pretty good; low key, small teams, minimal spray, yet getting the shit done.”The exact details of his accident are not widely available but reports are appearing as we speak and more info can be found on the following links:K2 BlogEverest News VIDEO: Fredrik Ericsson Interview.var s1 = new SWFObject(“”,”ply”,”532.5″,”300″,”2″,”#FFFFFF”);s1.addParam(“allowfullscreen”,”true”);s1.addParam(“allowscriptaccess”,”always”); s1.addParam(“wmode”,”transparent”);s1.addParam(“flashvars”,”file=”);s1.write(“tscvideo”); Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen