Free Vixen Tor – Your Help needed

The access situation at Vixen Tor remains unresolved.  Dartmoor National Park Authority is in discussion with the landowner but there is no progress to report as yet. The BMC has written to the Chairman of National Park Authority twice highlighting the importance of Vixen Tor to climbers and walkers and urging the Authority to take action to secure access.  The issue is due to be discussed again at the Authority Meeting (the main committee of the National Park Authority) on 3 March.To help raise awareness of the importance of Vixen Tor it would be useful if people could put their views in writing to the National Park Authority.  Climbers and walkers should write to the Chairman with copies to the Chief Executive (and the BMC) at the following addresses:Mr N Hoskin Chairman Dartmoor National Park Authority Fieldside Dousland Yelverton PL20 6NN Dr Nick Atkinson Chief Executive Dartmoor National Park Authority Parke Bovey Tracy Newton Abbot Devon TQ13 9JG <a href=””> Key points worth stressing in any correspondence include: 1. The significance of Vixen Tor for climbers and walkers; its regional / national importance etc. 2. The fact that climbers and walkers are generally responsible people who respect the natural environment and reasonable access restrictions. 3. Given the importance of Vixen Tor and the fact that it had previously had unrestricted access for 30+ years – the Authority should take any necessary steps to resolve the situation and regain access.  The ball is in their court. ———————————————————————– If you have any news worth reporting please contact Matt – / 0114 2969114 ———————————————————————–