FRI NIGHT EXCLUSIVE: The Prophet – Preview

This week's Friday Night Video is a special exclusive for us:The Prophet – a film by Alastair Lee starring Leo Houlding and Jason PicklesOne of the world's top big wall climber's Leo Houlding revisits his 10 year project; TheProphet, an exceptionally steep, loose and difficult route on the east face of Yosemite's ElCap. Leo discribes the route as 'the wildest climb I've ever been on'. This has to be seen tobe believed, crazy climbing. Leo only completed the route late in October which we reported here on UKC.The World Premiere is next Thurs, 18th Nov at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival, the venue is the Town Hall and the time is 7:30pm, both Leo and Al will be there to intro the film and do a short Q and A session after the film. The film is 35 mins long and is taken from the Psyche II dvd available on dvd and HD download in Dec 2010 from Kendal Mountain Festival 2010HOW TO BOOK TICKETSThe dates are 18 to 21 November and tickets are available now. Book online – – or by phone 01539 725133 – news as it happens at accessible from the M6 and by train and there are plenty of accommodation options in and around the town but you need to be on your toes as they fill up very quickly over the Mountain Festival weekend.For all your questions, accommodation and travel needs go to here you will find all the information you should need for your visit to Cumbria, alternatively call the accommodation booking line on 0845 450

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