FRI NIGHT VID: Profile – Stéphanie Maureau

Stéphanie MaureauUKC News, Oct 2010© Lucasz Warzecha

In this week's Friday night video, professional photographer Lukasz Warzecha introduces Stéphanie Maureau, Ice Climbing World Cup winner and International Mountain Guide.Stéphanie touches on the subject of being a woman whilst working in the male dominated industry of mountain guiding. She also describes her passion for the mountains.Explaining his motivations behind the video Lukasz said:”I became friends with Stéphanie whilst I was shooting the ice climbing world cups. After a lot of competition photography, I really wanted to do something outside, and Stéphanie was a great subject. I think there are only around 15 female mountain guides working in the Alps, it's not many.”Lukasz Warzecha is a professional photographer currently based in London.His images have been published in many outdoor magazines worldwide including Climb (UK), Climber (UK), Climbing (USA), Gory (Poland) and SA Mountain Sport (South Africa).View his photography website here:  Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen