FRI NIGHT VID: Red River Gorge

A few weeks ago we ran an excellent video on climbing in the sandstone paradise of Red River Gorge, Kentucky USA.Colin Delehanty, the same film maker who made the last flick has put together a few more videos, you can check his Vimeo Page.This one is a short film on the area called Roadside. Wolverine Publishing's description of this crag in their guidebook is:”It doesn't get much better than this. Five-minute approach, amazing routes of all but the very hardest grades, and a big overhang to keep everything dry. Roadside Crag has it all… Ro Shampo, the route whose grade has been discussed on the Internet as much as the presidential election, still manages to spit off the occasional 5.12 climber despite the pressure of being downgraded to 5.11d. Don't underestimate it!”From Red River Gorge, Rock Climbs 2nd EditionA newer edition was just released and is available now here: Red River Gorge – Roadside  Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen