FRI NIGHT VIDEO: Bouldering Double Bill

To celebrate the launch of our new Bouldering Forum, we are having a Bouldering double bill tonight. The first film is from Adam Lincoln who has a UKC id number of 20! (that means he has been around right since the beginning). It covers his recent trip to Font with friends James Pearson, Keith Bradbury and Neil Hart.The second film is one from the Black Diamond back catalogue featuring the impressively-strong Finnish climber Nalle Hukkatavial on his visit to Rocklands in South Africa.The Dream Never Diesby Adam LincolnThe short video is a culmination of a month in Font. It doesn't capture every ascent – it's hard taking a video camera out everyday. In fact I was initially shooting video for the sake of shooting video, I didn't have any intention of making it into a short film, I just realised by the end that I had plenty to play with. If I had planned on making a short film from the start, I would have got more angles and close ups of the holds.It was also a learning curve, as I had to learn a whole new editing package, and all the effects within it. It was very frustrating at times, and it just put into perspective the enormity of what Keith Bradbury has to go through to get Between the Trees (UKC Review) out there.I would like to make another short film in the future, but would make a really good job of it next time!As long as The Dream Never Dies inspires one person to get out to Font, it has done its job.Enjoy.- Adam LincolnROCKLANDS: Black Diamond Climber Nalle Hukkataival visits South Africa's famed bouldersfrom Black DiamondI woke up when the plane wheels hit the tarmac. The flight captain announced over the intercom: “Welcome to Cape Town, the most beautiful city in the world”.After picking up my rental car I hit the chaotic morning traffic. Driving on the wrong side of the road definitely made things interesting, along with the fact that the only driving directions that I had was a text message from my friend. About three hours later I was happy to find myself in a small town called Clanwilliam, the last place to get food and gas before driving to the Cederberg Mountains, home to the famed boulders of the Rocklands…Read more about Nalle's trip to Rocklands on the Black Diamond site here Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen