Gabri finally killed him

On the last day of his trip to Spain, Gabriele Moroni managed to take down the route he was there to do, Dani Andrada's Bumaye, hard 8c+, in the Laboratori sector at Margalef.Up to that point, despite perfect weather, the trip had been a disappointment. I talked briefly with the man before he headed to the crag. “[It's been] Good fun but not good for climbing… Felt like shit all trip long. Been very close at the beginning of the trip, like 3rd day on. Then my power and strength dropped off. Yesterday I rested so today I'm going back to it for a last chance.”As all fans of Muhamed Ali know, “Bumaye” means “kill him”, and that's what he did.

Climber on Bumaye, 8c+, Laboratori, MargalefBjörn Pohl – UKC, Jan 2011© Joey Kinder

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