Gaskins does V14 at Woodwell, Lancashire

After much effort, John Gaskins has completed a longstanding project at Woodwell which he rekcons is V14 / Font 8b+ – that is, an English technical grade of 7b (and not soft 7b at that…). Woodwell consists of compact limestone, but the seepage is bad, and so doing stuff there calls for good weather. (It´s not as if foot-and-mouth has helped either.) The problem itself, called Kaizen,is six moves long but John said that it´s only a couple of minutes from his house. Convenient… more than the other project he´s working on which is two hours´ drive to the Peak. If the name doesn´t ring a bell, he did the third ascent of Hubble (F8c+) and has some useful beta at this page in case you thought you´d have a stab at it while you wait for folk to get off that E1 you fancied.