Georgia Boulderers vs Bulldozers

Atlanta Sprawls into Bouldering Country

Boat Rock is a small, but popular urban bouldering area, near Atland, Georgia (USA). The area has a long history of technical bouldering along the mile-long stretch of egg shaped granite boulders that have both attracted and repelledclimbers over the years. Over the past few years, the urban sprawl of Atlanta has begun to consume the once isolated bouldering area, with areas being targeted for both residential and commercial use. The Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC) has continued to work with the developer to preserve the bouldering area and make it a park for the public. The SCC has now purchased 7.8 acres of land, which has been opened to the public. In order to help pay off the mortgage on the land, the SCC is raising funds through the organisation of the Float the Boat bouldering competition: “Float the Boat” Boulder Comp – December 7th The SCC are inviting climbers from around the world to check out the ´ half mile of wonderful egg shaped granite boulders´ at Boat Rock which have been saved from being bulldozed. ´See if you´ve got what it takes to ride “The Rail” or push up on the big mantle of “Glass Face” or if your hand jams are up to snuff for “Beam me up Scotty”. And oh yeah, don?t forget the new 7.8 acre area we just purchased in the front area with such notable gems as “The Paint Can”, “Lost Digits” and “Waves in Motion”. Course setting is by Bob Cormany, Steve Deweese, Steven Farmer, and Jason Young with a special appearance by bouldering guru and comp organizer Adam Henry (AHSL). Pre-registration is $35.00 or $40.00 at the day of the event. Participants get a BR t-shirt, a smokin´ day of bouldering and a hot grilled dinner. Huge raffle and auction as always. Divisions to be set on day of event. Cash prize $$$ to the Elite Division. There will also be a women?s division, geritol division (over 30) (we will create another older division if we get more signups! and a kids division (12 and under). If you are not interested in competing but want to support the event we are selling individual sponsor tickets for $20.00 which get you a t-shirt, cookout lunch and raffle ticket.Sponsors: PMI, Misty Mountain, Blue Water, So ill Holds, Red Bull, Atlanta Rocks, Call of the Wild, Urban Outpost, High Country Outfitters, Galyan´s,, Escalade, The Warriors Way, Trails Edge, Tennessee Bouldering Authority, Petzl, La Sportiva, Arc Teryx, patagonia, REI, Prana, Rock Creek Outfitters, Metolius, and many more to come.

Cooper Roberts searches for a hold on “Paint Can” V5

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