Going the Whole Hog

We thought you´d like to know about an exciting new series of porcine adventure races going on this Autumn; The Whole Hog. What Is the Whole Hog? The Whole Hog is a series of races throughout the UK organised by Adventure Challenge Events Ltd. They are races for team and individual competitors which are either foot or bike based events. The events are designed to be hard work but loads of fun! Charity fundraisers are given priority places on our events along with discounted entrance fees. Each race is a journey which will encompass lots of additional challenges and obstacles. Think of it as a cross country race (either on foot or by bike ? sometimes on both) with some extra spice (and sometimes a little mud). Who can take part? The minimum age is 16 but no maximum ages. The events are open to all levels of fitness but you should look for the average times (shown below) to get an idea of the actual fitness levels required. Needless to say the events will feel much easier if you have done some training before hand and you should always get checked out by your GP to make sure that you are ?fit enough?. Be prepared to get dirty? These aren?t road races so bring a change of clothing with you. What facilities will there be? We will have food and drinks on site along with toilets and changing facilities. Showers may not be available so come prepared. We will also have planet Fear on site who are going to have a retail tent with them to sell any of those last minute items you may need. Events for 2007?. Wantisden Hall ? Suffolk ? 10 mile foot based adventure course ? 3.11.07 A fantastic course around the Wantisden hall grounds and Bentwaters Park. Around 8 ? 10 miles of running/walking with a few ?added extras?. We have the Human 4 by 4 course and the Wantisden swamps to negotiate as well as?. Well that would be telling? 2 ? 5 hours average course time. Registration: 9.30 ? 11 am Briefing: 11am Start: 11.15 am. Alton castle ? Staffordshire ? 20 mile bike based adventure course ? 10.11.07 A bike based event (on and off road ? mostly off!) around Alton and the outlying areas. Although the majority of the course is bike based there will be transition areas where you will need to leave the pedal power behind and strike off to undertake various challenges. We have 3 fantastic venues to visit on the course ? Alton Towers, Alton Castle and the JCB site. Be prepared for some huge surprises en route. A race like no other?. 4 ? 8hours average course time. Registration: 7.30 ? 9 am Briefing: 9am Start: 9.15am Hesley Woods ? Yorkshire ? 7 mile foot based adventure course ? 24.11.07 A short course but one that will pack a punch! Set within the Hesley Woods site we aim to bring a new meaning to cross country… Lots of custom built obstacles and attractions to pit yourselves against! 1 ? 3 hours average course time. Registration: 11am ? 12.15pm Briefing: 12.15pm Start: 12.30pm Hambleden ? ?Paddle, Peddle and Party? ? Team challenge Event ? 29.11.07 Team Challenge Event in Hambleden ? bike, foot and canoe based event in the (not so) lazy setting of the Hambleden estate. Great setting for a race and a great setting for the party! Details TBC Get your place booked now! Click here: http://www.acefundraising.co.uk/pdfs/wholehogbookingform.pdf