Graham, #1 and Sharma, #10 sends

Dave ´n Chris have been at it again. Laurent Zoutte reports: Dave and Chris, made, respectively, the first and second ascent of the project Adieu Wolfgang, 8c (hard said Dave). Chris made the second ascent of Tendinite 8b+/8c (same day, within 25 minutes! He said: “One move (is) hard…, I like jumps !…”) Dave onsighted : Gage de ma parole 8a, as a warm up… then La Botte Anglaise, 8a+, and Médérick craque, 8a/8a+. During the last 12 months, Dave has done 16 8c and harder redpoint and 13 8a+ and harder onsight! He is #1 in bothe the route and boulder ranking. Chris jumps to #10 in the route world ranking at 11 980 points. Laurent Triay onsighted A bicyclette, 8a/8a+, and did the long route in Gorge du Boffi, 8c (65 m long! Third ascent after Y. Ghesquier and D.Dulac august´s ascents).