Graham gets the hang of Font style

Dave Graham has now adapted to the style in Font. This is his report: “Reporting in from Fontainebleau, I sent some cool problems despite the fact it has rained every day I have been in France. I still have till Dec. 15, so hopefully I´ll get some good weather. Had a couple of good days when the rock finally dried off. Did Big Boss, 7c (flash), Tristesse, 7c+,Big Golden, 7c+, Fourmis rouge and Fatman, 8b, (original version)my first day in Cuvier Rampart. Also did Partinaire Particulier, 8a+, at Elephant. Flashed Alta, 7c, and L´arrache couer one day as well. Had time to do some of the classics in Cuvier, they don´t seem as funky finally.” Dave´s first day at Rempart must surely go down in history as one of, if not the most, impressive ever!