Graham´s been in Tessino

A longer report might follow, but this is his ticks: Cresciano La Boule 8a+ – almost flashed Franks wild years 8a+ – 1 hour Super Platte 8a face/slab-a few tries Grotte de le soupirs 7c+ – couple of tries ? 7c+slab arete thing- couple of tries Mystic Journeyman 7c or 7c+?- F.A. beautiful higball arete problem Chironico Casa Pecora 8b+ according to Thomas Willenberg, but more like 7c or 7c+ according to Dave ? 8b, 4 move power problem, about 5 tries Serra moi fort 8a/8a+ – almost flash, a couple of tries Freak brothers 8a+ – a few tries. ? 8a – couple of tries. ? 7c+ arete – flash ? 8a – couple of tries ? 8a