Grindleford Cafe Owner Passes Away

by Alan James Phil Eastwood, the eccentric owner of the famous Grindleford Cafe in the Peak, has died after a heart attack he sustained while dancing at a party. The cafe is well known amongst climbers as a popular pre and post climbing venue and many will have enjoyed his excellent breakfasts over the years while being entertained by the ´interesting´ signs that adorned the walls of the cafe.Phil had run the cafe for over 30 years and during that time he never really adopted the modern ´service´ mentality. His notices around the cafe let people know exactly what he thought about noisy children and dogs, dumped plates and people who used the toilets without buying any food. He was out spoken against vegetarians and mushrooms, and even took his forthright views into the political arena when he formed the UK Rural Independent Party in 2001.Despite this slightly grumpy and no-nonsense demeanour, he will be fondly remembered by most Peak climbers and it is hoped that his passing doesn´t mark the end of one of the Peak´s great climbing landmarks. The funeral service is at Hutcliffe Wood Cemetery in Sheffield, on Thursday December 20. News report in the Star