Guigui does Gecko assis

Guillaume Glairon Mondet, aka Guigui, aka GGM, has repeated Gecko assis, 8B+, at Rocher de Bouligny, Fontainebleau. This gets even more impressive if you consider this was his 9th day on! DPM has a video of Paul Robinson's ascent of the problem.Guigui is perhaps best known as a competition climber and is a regular in the finals of the bouldering WC. Tomorrow, if his biceps' feel ok, he has said he will attack The Big Island, 8C. Lucas Menegatti has come very close lately, falling twice near the top on his latest session, so a 2nd ascent within the next few days is very likely, provided the conditions stay good.

Guillaume Glairon Mondet working The Big Island, 8CBjörn Pohl – UKC, Jan 2011© Pierre Delas

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