Hardest boulder problem repeated… in the dark

Berd Zangerl, 22, A geography student [of all things! – Ed] has repeated Fred Nicole´s Dreamtime – given V15 (see the Rockfax table for how hard that is). Even better, he did it in the dark because even at dusk it was too warm to hang the tiny holds on the 20-move problem. (OK, he was using a gas lantern for lighting.) You can see a picture of the problem in the shoe advert on the back of the BMC´s Summit magazine for May: it´s like climbing up from the bottom of a huge ball, and looks about as smooth. As problems go, 20 moves is very long. Zangerl is also a bit of a mystery: he apparently only took up bouldering three years ago and now he´s repeating superhard boulder probs. Impressed? We are – but what has he ever done at Stanage? ( Source: Climbing magazine )