Haston ransom exaggerated?

Outdoorsmagic.com claims that locals in Nepal are unhappy over the reporting of British climber, Stevie Haston´s ´kidnap´ story, which featured widely in the British press last month.It was reported that his group donated a US$4,000 ransom, but in fact it was 4,000 rupees, the equivalent of £40.Stories of the current Maoist insurgency have become more frequent in the British press, with one journalist describing how trekking groups have been “ambushed”. Outdoorsmagic source, Steven Edge saw no Maoists on his recent trek around the Annapurna Circuit and commented on the lack of trekkers on the trail.UKClimbing know of two trekking groups which did meet Maoists this autumn.They were asked to donate the equivalent of £60 and were provided with a receipt.