I am Jerry Moffatt

Last night was the official launch of Jerry Moffatt ? Revelations, the biography of one of the world's top rock climbers of the last 30 years. At his peak, Jerry was the best in the world at bouldering and lead rock climbing, as well as being a pioneer in training techniques, and a main mover in the development of lead climbing walls.The launch was at Jerry's pub, The Old Crown on Scotland Road, Sheffield and organised by Jon Barton and John Coefield of Vertebrate Publishing.Jerry Moffatt ? Revelations has been available for just over a month and is flying off the shelves. Jerry is one of only a handful of true Rock Stars in the world of climbing with a larger than life persona and a set of achievements to match. He set out to be the best and he was.The launch was attended by many of Jerry's friends and his very capable ghost writer, Niall Grimes.You can see a selection of photograhs from the evening here. PHOTOS: I am Jerry MoffattYou can buy a signed copy at:www.v-outdoor.co.uk/ and Jerry is embarking on a slide show tour about his climbing life, including an appearance at Sheffield Adventure Film Festival on Saturday 28th February.Next up for Vertebrate Publishing is the autobiography another icon of British and World climbing, Ron FawcettDiesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf UKClimbing.com anschauen