Ice Climbing Ecrins Festival 2007

by UKC News From the 10th to 14th January the sixteenth ice climbing festival, ICE 2007 is being held, opening its doors in the L?Argentiere-La-Bessée next Wednesday morning. In direct response to a number of ice climbing accidents in Europe last year the focus of this year?s festival is on safety whist ice climbing, and so “ICE ATTITUDE” is the theme for the whole event. Gérard Pailheiret, the festival?s organiser, explains: Even though in ice climbing we make the same movements as in rock climbing, we find in ice climbing the same risks as in mountaineering. The ice climber has to be aware of the environment in which the sport takes place, know how to read the ground, and the conditions of the ice and the route. All these ideas will be discussed during ICE 2007, and the findings and conclusions covered in a specially written document at the end of the festival. The PGHM and CRS mountain rescue services will be present at ICEXPO for the five days of the festival to offer advice and provide information.” ICE 2007 features ice clinics, ice workshops, a trade show, ice climbing competitions, films, and pro´ demonstrations. More details at and