Ice World Cup – R2 Results

The second round of the Ice Climbing World Cup took place in Valle di Daone over the weekend and the results were as follows:

Men 1. Daniel Dulac (FRA)2. Will Gadd (CAN)3. Harald Berger (AUT)4. Evgeny Krivoisheitsev (UKR)5. Stephane Husson (FRA)6. Dimitri Bytchkov (RUS)7. François Lombard (FRA)8. Thomas Steinbrugger (AUT) Women 1. Ksenia Sdobnikova (RUS)2. Kirsten Buchmann (GER)3. Ines Papert (GER)4. Liv Sansoz (FRA)5. Maria Livfshits (RUS)6. Abby Watkins (AUS)7. Mi Sun Go (KOR)8. Stephany Maureau (FRA)

Thanks to Ice Time