IFSC Boulderworldcup 2014 in Chongqing: Jule Wurm and Jan Hojer win

This weekend, the world's top climbers were welcomed back to the IFSC World Cup circuit in Chongqing, China. Supporters flocked to the event by the thousands, and were not disappointed by the thrilling, almost acrobatic performances of the competitors.

Fotostrecke: Boulderweltcup 2014 in Chongqing

Fotos: © Heiko Wilhelm (OeWK)

Tough Boulder problems shook up the podiums In the women's field, Juliane Wurm and Shauna Coxsey gave strong performances, with three tops and two flashes each, while podium regulars Anna Stöhr and Alex Puccio had some trouble with the women's boulder problems. Akiyo Noguchi finished out the podium in third, with three tops in twelve attempts.

The men's problems proved to be real dividers of the field, with lots of dynamic moves, power, and a killer crossover on the last problem. Jan Hojer rose to the top with four tops, Dmitrii Sharafutdinof pulled off three tops and two flashes, and Jorg Verhoeven came in third with two tops.

Female Result – Boulder
1 Wurm Juliane GER 3t6
2 Coxsey Shauna GBR 3t7
3 Noguchi Akiyo JPN 3t12
4 Puccio Alex USA 2t4
5 Stöhr Anna AUT 2t10
6 Thévenet Marine FRA 1t2

Male Result – Boulder
1 Hojer Jan GER 4t26
2 Sharafutdinov Dmitrii RUS 3t5
3 Verhoeven Jorg NED 2t9
4 Kassay James AUS 1t1
5 Glairon Mondet Guillaume FRA 1t3
6 Timonov Vadim RUS 0t0b

Fast, Faster, Fastest

In Speed, Russia dominated the women's podium with Iuliia Kaplina in first and Mariia Krasavina in second. Coming in third was Anouck Jaubert of France.

The men's field proved a bit more surprising, with times in the finals and small finals consistently longer than those in the quarter- or semi-finals. Stanislav Kokorin came in first, with Danylo Boldyrev and Libor Hroza in second and third.

Female Result – Speed
1 Kaplina Iuliia RUS 8.02
2 Krasavina Mariia RUS 8.24
3 Jaubert Anouck FRA 8.47
4 Levochkina Yuliya RUS 8.54
5 Buczek Klaudia POL 8.79
6 Polekhina Ksleniya RUS 8.93
7 Bruckner Esther FRA 9.28
8 Rudzinska Aleksandra POL 10.01

Male Result – Speed
1 Kokorin Stanislav RUS 6.79
2 Boldyrev Danylo UKR 9.15
3 Hroza Libor CZE 6.25
4 Vaitcekhovskii Evgenii RUS 6.58
5 Mawem Bassa FRA 6.11
6 Dzienski Marcin POL 6.21
7 Gontaryk Yaroslav UKR 6.52
8 Zhong Qixin CHN 7.33

This opening competition was a first taste of what will most surely be a spectacular 2014 sport climbing season.

The next IFSC World Cup will be composed of both Speed and Bouldering competitions and will take place next weekend, May 3rd-4th, in Baku (AZE).

For full results and a detailed schedule head to www.ifsc-climbing.org

QuellePierre-Emmanuel Danger (IFSC), Fotos: Heiko Wilhelm (OeWK)