Iker Pou

Jabi Baraiazarra tell us the last news about Iker Pou: on Christmas Eve he was able to repeat Berezi after a hold was broken. Two versions for this boulder in Larraona, 8A+ starting it standing up and 8B/+ for the sit-down start. He thinks it´s too hard for 8B but has his doubts for graduating it 8B+ (that´s why the slash). Some days after, just before this productive year finished and with the Baltzola´s Cave surroundings covered with snow, he sent a new boulder traverse grading it 8C. It´s some 26 movements long and is a link up of two already existing boulders. Thus, he starts sitted down on Travesía Arroita, 8C and at its half he moves onto the 7 movements of Hay que masticar antes de tragar, 8B. He thinks this last traverse shares the graduation with Travesía Arroita but it´s a little bit harder because the last section is more bouldery. More on www.pouanaiak.com