Iker Pou about Solo per vecchi guerrieri

Yesterday, I reported about the Pou-brothers' ascent of Solo per vecchi guerrieri, Manolo's 4-pitch route at the Vette Feltrine in north eastern Italy.Today, I got some comments from Iker:Manolo's route is a fantastic and very nice line. We enjoyed ourselves a lot on the route. I think that Manolo is a super strong climber… it's crazy really!! Je je. There are very long run-outs between the bolts, and I think it shows a very nice mentality opening the route in this style! It takes a big visionary!!!! we think that maybe the route is 8c or something like that, but we think that is not the most important. The route is fantastic!! Very good quality of rock.We can compare Manolo's route with other routes like some of the ones Beat Kamerlander opened at Rätikon. They are both extraordinary climbers, because they open the routes from the ground up. For this type of routes you need a extraordinary head and technique, because the bolts are so far between…We have done harder routes like (Lurgorri, Orbayu…)but again, Manolo's route is really extraordinary. Sure, it's not very long but it is a good one!I would also like to try Eternit [Manolo's unrepeated 9a], but I don't know if I will try or not! At the moment I prefer to do more big walls…

Eneko and Iker PouBjörn Pohl – UKC, Jul 2010© Eneko and Iker Pou

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