Iker Pou sends Il Domani, 9a

Before ending his sport climbing season, Iker Pou bagged yesterday the 2nd ascent of Il Domani, 9a in Baltzola. The mega resistance route is deconstructed by Iker himself: “it´s got some 70 movements and 3 parts: the first of around 8b+, followed by a 7C+ boulder problem, then finishing with a 8a route part more or less”.The route was bolted by Mikel Maeso and Patxi Usobiaga and first sent by Patxilín back in 2003. Iker says that he found a rest that Patxi didn´t use; thus, he thinks his way the route is a plain 9a whereas Paxilín´s might be a hard 9a. Iker comments on the route (in Spanish). Pic: Jabi Baraiazarra.