Ines Papert und Markus Bendler siegen bei Eiskletterweltcup in Saas Fee

bereits beim ersten Bewerb in Valle di Daone(It) und beim zweiten
Meeting in Spicak (Cz) war Ines Papert auch beim dritten
Aufeinandertreffen der Eiskletter-Elite am vergangenen Wochenende in
Saas Fee siegreich. Mit diesem Sieg führt Ines Papert den Weltcup
weiterhin an und zeigt eindrucksvoll, dass beim Titelgewinn fast kein
Weg an ihr vorbeiführt.

Der Tiroler Markus Bendler gewinnt bei den Herren

der Österreicher Hari Berger (er belegte den fünften Rang) oder der Schweizer Simon Wandeler,
sondern Markus Bendler stand ganz oben auf dem Treppchen bei den

Ergebnisse Saas-Fee

1 Papert Ines – Germany
2 Lavarda Jenny – Italy
3 Müller Petra – Switzerland
4 Buchmann Kirsten – Germany
5 Eyer Alexandra – Switzerland
6 Koulikova Natalia – Russia
7 Torretta Anna – Italy
8 Stobnikova Xenia – Russia
9 Rashitova Marina – Russia
10 Maureau Stéphanie – France

1 Bendler Markus – Austria
2 Wandeler Simon – Switzerland
3 Müller Jack – Switzerland
4 Anthamatten Samuel – Switzerland
5 Berger Hari – Austria
6 Anthamatten Simon – Switzerland
7 Kryvosheytsev Evgeny – Ukraine
8 Klammer Herbert – Italy
9 Leichtfried Albert – Austria
10 Matveev Alexandr – Russia

Bericht von Harald Berger:

a quite disappointing worldcup event in Spicak (Czech Republic), all
competitors were psyched for the maybe most professional iceclimbing
competion in Saas Fee.

Two hard open routes made sure, that only
the best 18 climbers could go to the semifinals. At route 1 only Simon
Wandeler could reach the top. All the rest was either running out of
time, or stopped by some tricky drytooling moves. Unluckily I was still
suffering from spending too many hours in the isolation tent (at
–15°C) in Spicak. With fever I was too slow to finish my
route, but luckily high enough to make it to the semifinal.

I hoped to feel more energy the next day, but I woke up with a hot head once again.

semifinal was again very tricky and the timelimit too short for all of
us to finish the route. But for my opinion it is always better to have
hard enough routes, than to have too many tops and a stupid time
decision. Congratulations to the routesetters, because they managed
again to find some very interesting technical and tricky moves, which
was finally the same challenge for our brain and our bizeps.

my last power I saved my beaten body into the final. I went to my hotel
to find 2 hours of sleep and hopefully more energy for the big show in
the evening at 21.00.

Meanwhile the girls finished their finals
at a more than 30 climbing meter route. Ines, Petra and Jenny made it
up to the last third of the route, but couldn´t do a move from an
icicle to a drytooling passage. Looking back to the results of the
semifinals, Ines won just before Petra and Jenny. 4 th place for my
cute girlfriend Kirsten, who was happy about her effort.

After 1
hour of sleep I was not feeling any better, but nervertheless psyched
for the final route (and the party afterwards). Watching the route at
the preview everything was clear for me: if I can do the 2 very tricky
drytooling moves at the first roof, I am able to climb very high up,
even if I still feel not 100% fit. But I think most of the other
climbers felt the same as me.

Unexpected the tricky holds
dropped strong climbers as Samuel, Simon A., Evgeny, Herbert and
unluckily also me. Only Jack, Simon W. and Markus were able to climb
further up, but no one finished the route. Normally Markus is very
nervous at comps, so I am very happy for his first place, because he is
not only a good friend of mine, but also one of the strongest climber I

Saas Fee was all in all a perfect organized event again
and should be seen as a standard for a future ice climbing event. Good
job guys!!

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QuelleText: Gebhard Bendler, Harald Berger