It's Going To Be A Great ShAFF Weekend

Matt Heason explores life and death.UKC News, 24 Feb 2009© Alan Heason

From inside the fertile imagination of Matt Heason emerged an idea that he turned into reality. It has taken hard work, lots of it; and organisational skills and networking on a colossal scale. Long, long hours of effort, and to add to all this activity Matt and his wife Sophie, have two young children. If you have children you will know how exhausting life can get just looking after and nurturing your offspring.If there is one thing all of us can admire it is someone who has a dream and then they turn it into reality. In the UK many expect things served up on a plate when really they should be stepping up to the plate, and Matt stepped up with his Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, now in its fourth year. ShAFF is a festival of films and speakers that celebrate mountain culture, based at The Showroom cinema in Sheffield. Matt's hard work has paid off and is there for you to join in and absorb the cultural expression of what we all enjoy, being out there – my fingers are sore as I write this from climbing in Spain!There are many highlights.This Friday ShAFF will kick off with a talk from rock climbing legend Ron Fawcett. Alongside Ron lecturing this year are Chris Sharma, Niall Grimes, Alastair Lee, Zoe Hart, Adele Pennington, Mick Fowler, Gaz Parry, Robert Mads Anderson, Dave Birkett and Jerry Moffatt.Then on Sunday there's the Great British Grade Debate with the BMC (McClure, Dunne, Pearson, Geldard, Bransby, Birkett and Sellars are on the panel).Like films? Missed Kendal? Check out the full programme at ShAFF Programme.Need tickets? They're going fast. Head over to ShAFF TicketsThe Sheffield Adventure Film Festival is up there as one of the most important climbing and mountaineering events in the UK event calendar. If you are free, make sure you are there, you won't be disappointed.Diesen Artikel inkl. Bilder auf anschauen